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This is my Photo & Video blog expressing my desires to drive and marvel at America's beauty and back road driving fun. Please obey all traffic laws and only drive at the limits of your vehicle. If you are unsure don't push it. Be aware of road and visual conditions.
America is full of beauty on the roads and off. I am video and photo blogging these great places. They are in your back yard, take a look join in, share a road a hike or anything you can that is local to you, enjoyable and fun.
Let others enjoy your adventures and possibly even drive or hike your places for themselves.

I am sure you are enjoying our photos.  Enjoying is one thing, however we have great expectations on what we want to do.  I am thinking after all these years as a tech and Network Admin, it is time to do a Documentary.  I am looking forward to doing work with all animals and scenery located in the Helen Buckner Preserver.  I will be talking to the nature conservancy as well as anyone I can find that has been involved with them.  I will be working closely with as many professionals as possible.  I would like to catalog, film and photograph as much of the wild life in the preserver especially Reptiles, Amphibians and Falconry.  If you are interested in any of this please purchase something, to help me buy a lens, tripod, or any other device that may help me technologically share this data and story with you.  This will be an ongoing project, and any help you can provide is much appreciated.  If you would like an interview or to participate in this documentary please contact Rick at or 518-858-1452.  I am also interested in any Sasquatch or Bigfoot sitings or any mythical animals in the area.

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