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  • Rick Armitage

Back from GA

I took a trip with my wife to Georgia to see my son and daughter-in-law. It is very nice to have gained an extended family in Georgia. It was a nice trip, minus the 20 hours in the 4Runner in one direction. It is good to be back in the northeast. The change of the season down there is a little different. It appears the critters are on the same schedule as up here. The only difference was the green vegetation. I saw only the hearty species in both locations. When I went out for the first time yesterday, I saw more than most of the trip. Iā€™m not complaining, just giving the facts. I helped a garter cross the road, saw a snake swim into the beaver šŸ¦« hut, A map turtle, and a bunch of paints šŸ¢. The water is higher than when we left; the marshes are currently small ponds. Iā€™m still only seeing a few herons. I need to find a rookery nearby; if anyone knows of one, Iā€™m all ears šŸ‘‚ Good to be back in my territory šŸ˜‰. I hope the critters start moving more and the weather gets warmer soon. That's my update; I'm sitting by the cliffs listing to the wind, Falcons calling, heron hunting/fishing, and turtles trying to warm up. Itā€™s great to be back and getting some nature therapy šŸ˜Š

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